Engineering Overview

Engineering Overview

According to Manufacturing NI and Oxford NI Economics report, the NI
Manufacturing sector has brought in excess of £900 million in FDI client worth
to these shores since 2014. Even with the negative impact of Brexit vote and
recent struggles of longer serving manufacturing firms the sector as a whole has
plans for growth right through until 2020 with demand for skilled Engineering &
Manufacturing candidates continuing to grow.

In 2016 there has been a mix of graduate and experienced level opportunities
within an array of engineering and manufacturing companies. This is set to
continue in 2017 with most growing business recognising the need for home
grown talent and all showing a real desire to retain skill sets.

Similarly to last year the market remains highly competitive for candidates and is
driven by the ‘candidate’s choice’. Companies have found it increasingly difficult to
attract skilled engineers in the following areas; design, maintenance, electronics,
manufacturing and engineering. As a result the market will become smaller for
qualified and experienced candidates and we may see salaries increasing in order
to meet the demand versus supply.

It is a highly competitive industry for talent at present and this is not set to
change, especially with further growth and investment in the engineering sector
and the development of an entrepreneurial base for new set-up organisations.

Automation has been key to the growth of the Engineering sector. As technology
advances within manufacturing and production, more and more businesses have
invested in highly automated manufacturing systems. This initially reduces
the requirement for the blue collar workforce but also creates a necessity for a
consistent team of highly skilled Engineers. We have seen positive results across
the food sector here in NI with some businesses investing as much as £25 million
in automated machinery in 2016 thus creating an ability to produce their product
more efficiently, in a more controlled method and in higher volume!

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