Sales & Marketing Overview

Sales & Marketing Overview

Sales and Marketing continues to be vital to every industry as we have witnessed a general increase in salaries and an upturn in job flow. We have found an increased demand for local business requiring Sales professionals outside of Northern Ireland with companies extending their customer base to ROI and the UK. 

This expansion seems to be reciprocal as Grafton’s Sales & Marketing Team have worked on more NI based sales role for companies from ROI and mainland UK. Some businesses have now also decided to combine the Sales and Marketing function into 1 role as there is an increasing demand for candidates who can do both.

The same marketing trend continues as companies are ever changing from traditional to digital marketing methods. The core fundamentals will always remain the same as marketing is essential for businesses to create awareness. Most campaigns are now done through the various mediums of social media.

We have witnessed an upturn in the number of marketing jobs especially in the end of 2015. This seems to be down to the ever increasing competition within some industries hence why marketing budgets are being increased.